View Full Version : HELP - Squeezecenter is driving me mad!!

2008-06-04, 04:58
I have all my files ripped to disc in both FLAC & Apple lossless. These are stored in two seperate folders. I am using a PC.

Until now I have used SC 7.01 and, in general, it's worked. Now I can't get any scans to work at all. I've tried both file types, with itunes and without itunes. Scans bomb out pretty much immediately. I've tried SC 7.00 and even Slimserver as well. No joy on any of them. My SB3 seems to have gone haywire as well. When you select media library, or whatever, and scroll across it just repeats the text i.e. artist...artist..etc.

Can anyone please help me before I slit my wrists!!

2008-06-04, 05:57
What OS are you using? Did you try enabling debugging in SC? What about OS logs?

2008-06-04, 10:52
I'm using Windows XP.

I'm unsure as to how to enable debugging, or what OS logs are. Sorry!

Phil Leigh
2008-06-04, 12:19
Try this:
1) Shut down PC
2) Shut down/reboot router
3) re-start PC
4) shut down Squeezecentre from trayicon (or from control panel if running as a service)
5) re-install SC 7.01

2008-06-04, 12:39
You should try contacting our tech support team for help.send an email with your problem to support@slimdevices.com they will be happy to help.