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2008-06-03, 23:44
I've already reported a real bugbear in that the thumbnail artwork does not show up for added tracks (artwork is there under 'now playing').

The response from support is that it has been passed to the devs. I've not heard anything nor can I find what has been fixed under the nightly 7.02.

Trying to update my library is another matter. The cycle goes like this:

1. Add new music - no thumbnail artwork
2. Attempt a 'clear and rescan' - no effect
3. Attempt to clear library entirely by removing shortcuts [multiple drives]from by location folder. The scan takes hours (why?) only to find that all the tracks are still there. The music scan details narrative says that no information is available.
4. Uninstall SC, install SC 7.1
5. Try steps 1-3 above - no effect.
6. Uninstall 7.1, reinstall 7.02 - somehow library then clears (can't tell you the exact course of events - it may have been shear chance and not as a result of uninstall/reinstall).

I find that the scanner is flaky at best.

Another problem I noticed was that certain albums where missing the odd track or two or sometimes the tracks were out of order. I can categorically say that there are no inconsistencies with my tagging convention - I have double checked the offending tracks, which are TOTALLY consistent.

Something else I have just noticed: the cache and preferences folders do not exist under c:\program files\squeezecenter, yet under status SC points to these folders.

Also shutting down SC and scanner.exe through windows task manager does not stop the scanning (empty folder). Arghh!

Getting severely hacked off.

Running Vista.

I hope someone can help.

2008-06-04, 06:04
> The response from support is that it has been passed to the devs. I've


> not heard anything nor can I find what has been fixed under the nightly
> 7.02.

The bug has been reported yesterday. You don't expect it to be fixed the same day, do you?

> I find that the scanner is flaky at best. Getting severely hacked off.

Providing log files from the various attempts might help us fix it.



2008-06-04, 12:25
Can you give me instructions to obtain log file?


Oh, how can I delete my database in the meantime?

Why do I have no cache or preferences directory?

2008-06-05, 09:44
Anyone help?

2008-06-05, 09:47
> Anyone help?

Settings/Status -> log file



2008-06-06, 07:21
Problem is not unique.. scanning has stopped with upgrade to 7.1 Scanning log file shows last successful scan.. no activity is started or recorded in current attempts to start scanning.

from log file:
SQUEEZ~1.EXE: no executable program located at C:/PROGRA~1/SQUEEZ~1/server/scanner.pl
[08-06-06 07:32:17.3637]

I will try a reinstall.

Did a reinstall, scanner started, and my AVG antivirus program killed it and notified me that it was infected with a trojan horse virus "Generic10.ainu".
I doubt there is a virus, but don't have time at his point to investigate further until the weekend. Now that I look around the forum a bit it seems that this isssue has already cropped up in other threads.

2008-06-06, 09:59
I am using 7.0.1 - 19705 May 14th. Scanning for new music is not working.
Mike Swingler

2008-06-07, 09:11
I uploaded a lot of music today to my server.

7.01 refuses to scan the new music.

2008-06-07, 09:24
I uninstalled 7.01 and reinstalled.

I disabled all antivirus (just in case) and have only Windows firewall running.

It is currently scanning my 18,000+ FLAC files!

Addendum: the scan was successful.