View Full Version : Tell what SqueezeCenter is doing (w.r.t. transcoding)?

2008-06-03, 00:31

Is there a way to tell what SqueezeCenter is doing w.r.t. transcoding?
I looked through the logging and turned several items from "error" to
"debug" but didn't see anything in the logs that would give me a hit as
to what type of transcoding is taking place.


2008-06-03, 00:37
Set player.source to debug. That will show everything going on with

2008-06-03, 06:15
Another quick way to get a decent idea is to look at the process list while it's playing. Let's say you're playing a FLAC file and you see a flac process running - it must be transcoding to PCM. If you see flac and lame running, it's transcoding to MP3, and so on.