View Full Version : Ping Sean Adams re SB2 dual switcher

2008-06-02, 21:59
Hi Sean,

Regarding the dual switcher that feeds 3v3 and 1v2...what does the 3v3 power? I'm using my SB2 per the Swenson mod that taps out the left justified signals before d-to-a and sends the signals to an external dac. The external dac sends the master clock back to the SB2. I'm thinking of buying a duet and hence depowering the display as well. So I won't need any of the regs except for the dual switcher that feeds the 1v2 and the 3v3. I use ethernet. I don't use the d-to-a, analog stage, clocks, headphone, and shortly I'll replace the VFD with the duet. What does the 3v3 power?


2008-06-02, 22:31
In short, everything digital except for the CPU core. This has been covered in depth in a series of old old threads if you can find them...

2008-06-05, 13:32
Thanks Sean for your quick reply! This has been a fantastic digital source to mod.