View Full Version : Migrating DB to new machine (SlimServer -> SqueezeCenter)

2008-06-02, 04:19
Hi, I'm setting up a new machine and want to know how to migrate the database from my old machine to the new one. It's not as straight-forward as it may normally be because:

a) my old machine runs slimserver 6.5.4 whereas I've installed squeezecenter on my new one (thought I may as well upgrade at the same time)

b) I also have the trackstat plugin installed on both and want to preserve all my ratings across the migration.

Some guidance appreciated!

Pale Blue Ego
2008-06-02, 07:27
You should not worry about moving the old database, since SqueezeCenter creates a new one when you do the first complete scan.

As for TrackStat data, you should definitely back up your TrackStat data to an .xml file. You can do that from the TrackStat webUI. TrackStat also allows for automatic nightly backups (recommended!), so you may be able to just use the most recent of those.

After you get SqueezeCenter installed, you'll need to install the latest TrackStat version that works with 7.+. Then from your saved .xml file, you can import all your TrackStat data into the SqueezeCenter database.

2008-06-02, 07:44
Thanks. I was hoping there was a quick export/import of the db rather than doing a full scan (tens of thousands of songs!) - it is a MySql database after all, but I guess the structure is changed between Slimserver and Squeezecenter anyway. I hope the internal structure of trackstat hasn't changed.