View Full Version : Any way slim software can read off an external hard drive?

2008-06-01, 15:31
Hello anyone.

I just switched to a Mac Laptop and upgraded to the latest software of squeeze. In order to reduce the space consumption on my laptop all my music is on an external hard drive. When I went through the setup procedure it didn't have didn't display my external hard drive even though it was already mounted on my desktop. How can I configure the player to read off an external hard drive from a mac?


Eric Seaberg
2008-06-01, 18:50
I run SlimServer on a Mac MINI using an external drive. You just need to tell the server what the drive is named.

Under SERVER BASIC SETTINGS you'll see a place to enter the name of the drive under MUSIC FOLDER. In Mac-ese you need to type /Volumes/Music (or the name of your drive instead of /Music). Re-scan your tunes and go.

2008-06-01, 23:57
You could also have a library on your internal drive, with a link to the external drive inside that folder.

Symbolic links in 7.0 and earlier, but an alias should work for 7.0.1 and higher.