View Full Version : Browse music folder *extremely* slow

Tom Wynne
2004-03-06, 16:14
Setup is SlimServer v5.1.1 running on an XP Home machine - under 2000 songs
at the moment so not that big a library. When using another machine on the
home network to access the server via the web browser, clicking any artist
when browsing my music folder (my library is organised artist\album\artist -
title.mp3) the web interface takes forever to respond. It's slow to do
anything actually, even clicking on server settings.

My music is physically stored on the second partition on the server (D:) and
I've checked that there are no shortcuts within my music folder which might
cause any type of 'looping'.

This was all working fine before I upgraded to server v5.x.

Any more info I can provide?

Thanks again,