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Jacob Shea
2004-03-06, 13:09
Thanks Slim, I'll try that.I really hope I can get it working!

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Subject: [slim] Squeezebox music able to play thru computer?

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slim wrote:

> And if you're using windows you can install cygwin and compile

> slimp3slave and mpg123 and it'll work just fine (for the most part).

> The slimp3slave site doesn't recommend using mpg123 anymore (they did as

> of version 0.3), and I haven't had a chance to get what they do

> recommend working under cygwin. My first attempts went very poorly.

> For now I'm still using version 0.3 + mpg123 and it does the job just

> fine for the most part (more on that in another thread though).