View Full Version : Stuttering / Buffer never fills SC7.0.1

2008-05-31, 20:28
I have been having various problems with my SB & slimserver 6.5 for the last 10 days or so & finally bit the bullet & tried to solve the problem this weekend.

The symptom was that my high resolution recordings were stuttering although they normally continued to play. They had previously played fine.
I could not figure out why this should have started happening other than I have added a lot of new music lately & did some major re-tagging. In the end I decided to upgrade to 7.0.1 in the hope that a new install would solve the problem. Unfortunately I had the same problem but worse with the same happening on almost every track including lower bitrate standard cd rips. Anything above a bitrate of about 650kbit/s.

I suspected network problems but the wireless reception is good. Doing a network test showed 98% up to about 3000 then drops away. Plugiing into ethernet & the problem goes away (& network test is 100% up to 5000). I tried switching to an old router .... but same problem.
When displaying the buffer on the SB it is clear that it just isn't filling fast enough. Pausing allows it to fill but play soons empties it.

Eventually I un installed & went back to 6.5.....and hey presto all is now well. Network test shows 100% all the way to 5000kbs on wireless, & suffice to say I can play even my 3700kbit/s tracks.

Can anyone make any suggestion as to what could have caused the problem & / or what I can do to troubleshoot. As I say, it all started when I was running on 6.5 so I can't blame 7.0.1 particularly but it got much worse when I moved up to 7.0.1

I was careful to clear all registry entries when moving back to 6.5 so maybe if i try upgrading now it will work. I did notice that with 7.0.1 it took much longer (several hours as opposed to 70mins at 6.5) to do a full re-scan.....is this symptomatic of 7.0.1? (I am running the server on a pentium 3 500mhz with 512m ram).

Any suggestions appreciated.