View Full Version : Softsqueeze, flac playback problem

2008-05-31, 15:48
I have SqueezeCenter on an XP Media Center machine, playing to an SB3 and through SoftSqueeze to other rooms.

Everything was working great, I could play everything (Flac and a few MP3s) on both devices with no problems.

Recently, around the time I upgraded to SC7.0 (but not at the same time), I somehow lost the ability to play Flac files on the softsqueeze (SB3 continues to work great). I can play MP3s, but the Flacs seem to play for two or three seconds and then hang, sometimes generating a horrible noise over the speakers.

I have upgraded everything to the latest (SC 7.0.1 and SS3.6) with no success. I installed the same software on a second machine and everything works fine with the same music. I checked all the settings in SC and can see no difference.

I have Inguz on the original setup, that was installed a while ago, and continues to work fine, so I don't think that was a cause.

Does anybody have suggestions of how to get SS working again on Flacs?


2008-05-31, 18:51
Does anybody have suggestions of how to get SS working again on Flacs?

I don't, but you could try a couple of alternatives:

Run Squeezeslave, which only runs headless (assuming you don't need an on-screen interface). I find it to generally be a lot more reliable than Softsqueeze, and it uses a lot less memory.


Or turn on bitrate limiting for your Softsqueeze players, so that any Flac files are transcoded to Mp3.