View Full Version : SB3 slow to respond to remote control

2008-05-31, 07:46

At some point recently my SB3 became really slow to respond to the remote, taking like 30 secs. to scroll to the next selection. It seems to be fine if I turn on my laptop and control it via the SqueezeCenter (7.0) GUI-- once I do that, it does respond quickly to the remote. But that kinda defeats the purpose of my dedicated headless server. Any ideas? See sig line for system specs.


2008-05-31, 08:12
I've had that happen also. Sometimes it just gets stuck and I turn it off and try again later. I assume the problem is with the Squeezenetwork server getting overloaded or something.

2008-05-31, 10:06
It sounds like a networking problem. The squeezebox sends all remote presses to SqueezeCenter over the network to be handled. If the squeezebox is having trouble sending the packets back to the server, it will take a long time to respond. If you're using wifi, you could be getting interference from somewhere.