View Full Version : Fixed vs dynamic IP on Controller

2008-05-29, 23:49
I quite often leave the contoller outside the cradle overnight. In the
morning the controller has to "wake up" from its suspended mode before I can
use it. This can take quite some time once in a while and I assume it is the
wireless negotiation sqeuence that is responisble.

Have anyone tried to give the controller a static IP and has that improved
the reconnect time?

Howard Passman
2008-05-30, 01:40
I use static ip on my entire network at home (22 devices) including the SB controller. I can't say if that is the reason, but I don't have the same issue you are describing. Also, I usually don't turn off the receiver or the controller. I'll put it on pause and put it back in the cradle. When I come back about 20 hours later I just pick it up, it the home button and the pause button.

Hope this helps and have a great day.


2008-05-30, 23:02
I assume this is normal, if I leave the controller for a very long time, lets say a couple off tunes 1/3 off an album (very unscientific i know) .
Then it's in some kind off power save mode.

Using the stoppwatch in my cell phone i clocked it to 14-15 seconds to resume normal operation.

I have fixed IP

If i'm only leave it a while (another very precise measure of time )
until the screen is black.

then it kicks back to function instantly, when I pick it up ?

How much would DHCP negotiation add to this time ?

EDIT: i switched to fixed ip when i had one SB3 only, but one of the benefits was that the connection of the SB3 to LAN got a little bit faster.

2008-05-31, 08:51
How much would DHCP negotiation add to this time ?

I would think basically none. In most cases the DHCP lease won't have expired and so the SBC can just assume the IP is OK to continue using, it won't have to contact the server for a renewal. If it does choose to renew that only takes a couple of packets back and forth to do. Compared to associating and authenticating with the wireless network that's pretty trivial.