View Full Version : Is scanning/searching broken for me in 7.1?

2008-05-29, 19:40
Searching &/or scanning seems to be broken for me in 7.1, and if my perceptions are correct it has been broken for several builds previous to this one, including 6.x builds.

But at least 7.1 seems to let me demonstrate this conclusively. Here's how things look after a complete re-scan post-install:

Library statistics
Total Tracks: 15,994
Total Albums: 1,934
Total Artists: 2,143
Total Genres: 182
Total Playing Time: 1093:21:10
Music Scan Details
Directory Scan (12 of 12) Complete 00:00:01

SqueezeCenter Version: 7.1 - 20292 @ Thu May 29 00:32:19 PDT 2008 - Debian - EN - iso-8859-1
Server IP address:
Perl Version: 5.10.0 i486-linux-gnu-thread-multi
MySQL Version: 5.0.51a-6

Platform Architecture: i686-linux

But I definitely have more than 16,000 tracks, even just counting MP3 and ignoring FLAC and other file types:

saba:/home/big_areca_raid/MP3Library# find . -type f | grep mp3 | wc -l

I can confirm that the search fails when searching for the Breeders, for example. I get one album when searching, and one compilation track, but I have 6 Breeders albums, not including duplicate copies.

What is going on? Help?

2008-05-29, 21:15
It is probably broken for you ?

It has been working for me all the way from 6.3 to 7.0.2 except for some minor bu in one 7.0.1 beta.

So it's not broken in general ?

There no files with DRM in there ? these won't play or be seen by the scanner.
Ive seen reports that DRM files crashed the scanner.

I've also seen treads here that indicates that the scanner could crash when encounter some specific faulty track ? peps have then removed/reripped this track and then get their scanner going again.

How's your tags ? do you use cue sheets ? do you have playlist's generated by other programs than SqueezeCenter Slimserver ?

I'm not good at this at all so some one else with more knowledge can help ?
There probably some useful debugg setting you can use to get a log where one could see the crash.

2008-06-01, 10:39
For whatever reason, the problem has gone away. I think it was having problems connecting to the local MySQL server.

Working properly now, as far as I can tell.