View Full Version : Problem with ID3 tags not appearing correctly inSlimServer

David Allardice
2004-03-06, 01:56
Yesterday I wrote:

> New Squeezebox owner, I have a library of c. 8000 files which all
> appear to be tagged correctly - I use them in Media Center and my iPod,
> but today I've checked using a dedicated tagging program and made sure
> that both the ID3v1 tags and ID3v2 tags are set OK.

Dean asked:

> Can you send me one of these files to inspect?

Thanks Dean, but I've got the answer through another route: the issue was
the setting to show the Composer as Artist in "Server Settings -> Add'l
Server Settings -> Behavior"

When I reviewed the tags, I didn't look at the Composer tag, and spurious
entries in that tag were showing in the "Artist" list.

Thanks for your help. I love this gadget!