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2008-05-29, 12:44
While I was away a few days back, there was a power cut. At the time, the Squeezebox Receiver in the loft was powered up and connected to SqueezeCenter via ethernet. When the power came back on, all my various devices seem to have recovered without a hitch (including a Transporter and SB2) except for the Receiver. It simply refuses to connect via ethernet. After much fiddling about I can get it to connect wireless, but whenever I try to configure it to use ethernet, it fails to get an IP address and allocates a random one in the 169.254 range (which as we all know is the "couldn't get an IP address" subnet). There's definitely a DHCP server running - it's the same one that hands out the IP address when it connects via wireless. I cannot believe that a power blip would fry the Receiver's ethernet interface, so this must be some kind of configuration issue.

I've tried pretty much everything, including restarting SqueezeCenter, rebooting the router, multiple factory resets the Squeezebox Controller, and of course I've lost count of the number of times I've held down the Receiver's button to get the flashing red LED.

Is there any way I can force a static IP address onto the Receiver? At least that way I should be able to get it talking to my network again.

2008-05-29, 12:58
Try the NET-UDAP tool provided by Robin.

Se this tread http://forums.slimdevices.com/showthread.php?t=43722

Follow the directions on Robins site, You can set IP subnet DNS and Server adress, wich is what you need.

This is strange anyway, i restarted my SBR several times by pulling the plugg, nothing like what you described had has happened to mine ?

2008-05-29, 12:59
Have you tried changing the port your SBR is connected to on the router?

2008-05-29, 15:08
Try the NET-UDAP tool provided by Robin.
Thanks, I'll check that out.

This is strange anyway, i restarted my SBR several times by pulling the plugg, nothing like what you described had has happened to mine ?
I think maybe the problem could be because when the power came back on, the Receiver probably booted up quicker than the router, so when it initially tried to get an IP address the DHCP server wasn't running. Now it seems to be stuck in a mode whereby it won't talk to the DHCP server now that it *is* running.

Have you tried changing the port your SBR is connected to on the router?
I've tried it on several different places in the network: directly to a router port, and on two other switches around the house, with the same symptoms in all cases.

2008-05-30, 00:23
OK, this is getting very peculiar. I decided to try bridged mode operation, just to see what happened....

1. I switched off my wireless access point. Hence there is no wireless network running in the house.
2. Controller & Receiver were factory reset.
3. Told Controller to "Connect via Squeezebox".
4. Got to the stage where Receiver has a blue LED and the Controller asks you to pick a music source. The name of the SqueezeCenter server was displayed as an option. Since there is no wireless network, the only connectivity the Controller can possibly have to my network is via the Receiver, so this implies that the Receiver has connectivity via ethernet. Presumably when the Controller states (on the Choose Music Source screen) that "The Squeezebox is connected to your network", it is lying about the IP address - it must actually have one in the 192.168.1.* range in order to be talking to my network. (And yet... the DHCP device list on the router does not include the Receiver).
5. Picked the music source - no dice. After a while it failed, and the Receiver LED remained blue.
6. However, I was then able to select and control the other players (a Transporter and a SB2) using the Controller. Things like artwork display works fine. This implies that the Receiver is giving me access to SqueezeCenter - where else can the Controller get the list of players from? But we know that the Receiver has just failed to connect to the music source.
7. The list of players displayed on the Controller starts out with the names of the Transporter and SB2, then after about 1 second the name of the Receiver is added to the list. But the name of the Receiver never appears in the SqueezeCenter web interface's list of players.

The central thing that confuses me is this: how can the Receiver be giving me access to my other players via SqueezeCenter when it has failed to connect to it? And given that it is clearly connected to the network, why did it fail to connect to SqueezeCenter?

2008-05-31, 01:39
Well, I finally got my ethernet connectivity back, and it turned out to be a RTFM moment.

While fiddling about, the SBR's LED starting blinking red much faster than I'd ever seen before. I had been under the impression that a blinking red LED indicated a factory reset, but after fishing out the user guide again I discover that a factory reset only happens when the LED blinks red *rapidly* - a slow blinking just means some sort of network reset. So all those times I thought I'd been factory resetting the SBR I hadn't. It was pure luck that I must have held down the button long enough to initiate a full blown reset.