View Full Version : Controller drop-outs with multiple access points

2008-05-29, 10:30

I have just recieved my Duet, and am really impressed, however I have a small problem.

My wireless network consists of 2 buffalo wireless access points, set with the same SSID, and encryption. I need two to fully cover my house.

When I boot the controller, it connects to the closest AP, and works fine. If I then move closer to the other AP then every thing still seems OK, but I don't believe that it switches to the other AP. Everything is still fine until I try to 'choose player', when I select another player, I get the 'attempting to connect' screen, but this fails, and the controller looses it's IP address (and assigns a 169.x.x.x address).

Has anyone seen this before, or have any tips as to how to resolve it?