View Full Version : Squeezebox music able to play thru computer?

2004-03-05, 21:06
And if you're using windows you can install cygwin and compile
slimp3slave and mpg123 and it'll work just fine (for the most part).
The slimp3slave site doesn't recommend using mpg123 anymore (they did as
of version 0.3), and I haven't had a chance to get what they do
recommend working under cygwin. My first attempts went very poorly.
For now I'm still using version 0.3 + mpg123 and it does the job just
fine for the most part (more on that in another thread though).

> What OS are you running?
> If you're running some Unix flavor such as Linux or MacOS X,
> will do what you want by emulating a slimp3.