View Full Version : Changing from 128 bit to 64 bit WEP encryption

2008-05-28, 15:16
I set up my system on Sunday. I made a mistake when initially selecting the encryption spec on the controller. The controller asked for pre-specifying whether it was 128 bit or 64 bit. I thought it was 128 bit, which is what I chose on the controller, but my system was running 64 bit. In the end I deactivated the encryption on the router to allow the Controller to access the network. Now I need to turn it on again. My questions is how can I change the WEP encryption from 128 to 64 bit on the Controller? Is there a menu I can access (I have not been able to find it either on the Controller or in the user guide; the user guide afaik just says it has to be prespecified before starting with the connection.)

I'd appreciate any suggestions. The Slimdevices FAQ is not accessible, and I want to try here before I call support.

Thank you

2008-05-28, 17:37
When you re-enable encryption, it will probably go back to the start of network settings and ask you again if you want 64bit of 128bit.

Does your router support WPA? It would be much better for security if you switched to WPA.

Mark Lanctot
2008-06-06, 08:17
You can tell your Controller to "forget" the network. You can also reset the controller (Factory Reset).

Both these are in Settings. Forgetting the network might be in Network, and Factory Reset is in Advanced Settings.