View Full Version : pandora subscription expiration not handled well

2008-05-28, 09:39
I got home yesterday and couldn't get my Pandora stations to play. My SBC would indicate that it was doing a Play on the channel but there was no sound and then Now Playing would show "Nothing". The SB3 UI was similar. It seemed like just a weird software glitch. So I restarted squeezecenter, SB3, etc with no resolution. I figured maybe Pandora was down but same problem today. Finally, I went to www.pandora.com to see if they had any outages posted and at that point discovered that my annual subscription had just expired.

Is there any way with the Pandora API that SC could know that the lack of successful playback is due to an account issue like subscription expiration and display that on the various UIs?

2008-05-29, 00:52
I'd open a bug in bugs.slimdevices.com

2008-05-29, 09:29
I had my subscription expire as well and was surpised that I didn't receive an email notification about it prior. I received an email the day that it expired!

Yeah, the SB should give some sort of indication on the display about the account expiration. It would also be nice if Pandora sent you a heads up a month or week in advance about the pending expiration.

Fortunately, it is very easy to reinstate you account. No data is lost.