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2008-05-28, 03:42

Just installed my brand new SB, straight out of the box. Very impressed with the ease of install, automatic firmware (ver 88) update, instant recognition of home network (through broadband router), connection to music library etc. Running Squeezecentre 7.01 - clean install.

Most UNimpressed, however, with 15 seconds of enjoying my first song when the SB unit shut down, gave me the logitech logo, the squeezebox logo and then attempted to re-find the network. Which it did, then restarted the song, then dropped out instantly. Now the poor thing is stuck in a cycle of wake up, reacquire network, and drop out. By disconnecting power I can get control back, but I still can't play more than one bar at a time of any song (from library or internet). Anyone have any ideas before I bother the techs?

My home network (totally ethernet, no wireless bits) is stable, PC runs fine (Vista 64 bit home premium edition).



2008-05-28, 04:03
Is the SB also ethernet connected rather than wireless? If it's connected via ethernet, then it's a very odd fault indeed - maybe hardware related. Could also be an IP conflict, did your router hand out via DCHP?

I would try a factory reset (unplug power, then plug the power connector into Squeezebox while holding down the. Add. button on the remote). Then re-set up but manually specify an IP address to one that you know is available. Does that improve the situation?

2008-05-28, 05:47
Thanks for the reply.

Yes - there is no wireless component to the network at all.

First install, the IP configuration was totally automatic. Did a factory reset and manually configured but exactly the same drop out pattern as before. Well, not quite the same - it plays for about 30 seconds, but then drops out, restarts, plays for a short while then drops out again. The length of time until it drops out varies from 25 to 45 seconds and the song playing at the time seems to make no difference either.

And now, as I finalise this post, we're back to 3 seconds tops before it resets. Sigh.

Any more ideas gratefully received.



2008-05-28, 06:42
Sorry to hear it didn't make a difference. Is there anything in the server log (see Settings/Status) which might give a clue what is happening?

It does sound like a hardware problem with either router connection, cable or ethernet port. If you can swap out the cable and retest (perhaps changing the physical port on your router that it connects to), then if no change I would contact support or your seller. Will be covered under warranty.

2008-05-29, 03:41
Thanks again - still no good. Have contacted tech support. Will advise how I go.

2008-05-29, 07:05
Some SB3s (like mine) have a rather dodgy power connector which needs to be inserted and set *just right* - otherwise the box reboots itself . .

Just a thought . . .