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2008-05-27, 22:29

Had the Duet for some time now.

Any ideas where to send suggestions to
the development team, to enhance the
user interface ?

2008-05-27, 22:44
> Any ideas where to send suggestions to
> the development team, to enhance the
> user interface ?

Just go ahead and add them to this thread.


2008-05-28, 00:05
These suggestions are for the Duet system (SBR + SBC) only,
I do not know how the other SB systems work.

A) Enable / Disable scroll wheel volumen function when
pressing volumen up/down.

For me the function of changing of the scroll wheel to volume up/down
is annoying, as I have to wait for the Volumen graphics to
time-out before I can use the scroll wheel again.

Maybe a check box to Enable (default) / Disable this function
is possible to implement.

B) "smart" x-ref ways to search/find music

1) when in "album" search mode I scroll to some album of say, Queen,
add some function to quick find all albums / music with Queen.

As it is now, I have to leave Album mode, navigate to "Artist" and
find scroll to Queen.

Maybe some sort of "Find All Queen" sub-menu could be implemented.

i) I find "Greatest Hits" of Queeen in Album search mode,
ii) This album is selected
iii) The sub-menu is "Play all", "1. track", "2. Track", ...
iv) Some new item in this sub-menu could be "Find All Queen"

2) when playing some track, e.g. "Yesterday", I know I have 5 versions
of this song.

I would like some quick way to find these.

Maybe some sort of "Find All Yesterday" sub-menu could be implemented.

3) when playing some track, e.g. "Yesterday", I what to find all music
by this artist, i.e. "The Beatles".

Maybe some sort of "Find All The Beatles" sub-menu could be implemented.

2008-05-28, 02:31

You don't need to wait for the volume display to go away, just press "Select/Go" when you have finished changing the volume.


This is already there. All you need to do it open either a track in the album or the track you are on and then scrolling down the track details to "Artist". Select that and you'll get a list of albums/tracks for the artist.

2008-05-28, 03:33
Thanks a lot

Just shows how well I know the Duet system (not)

I will try it out later today.

Keep up the good work

2008-05-28, 13:12
Just tried the x-ref search

It is indeed possible to x-ref search for
artist, band, genre, year, etc...

but NOT for <TITLE>

Maybe it is possible to implement this search, if
I listen to <TITLE> = "Yesterday", I can x-ref my
4 other versions of this song.

Howard Passman
2008-05-28, 13:40
#1 Make it so you can create a screen saver on the controller from files on your PC or server.

#2 Make a script where you can tell it what name you use for your album art (I use folder.jpg) and it pulls them to your controller screen saver.

#3 Make it so you can display the songs in an album in SC to pick for a playlist and when you close that album, it takes you right back to where you were in the album list.

#4 Send me $10,000,000


2008-05-28, 14:04
Make player PIN's visible somewhere in web UI and controller UI.

Make an special https web UI for external connections from internet with better security and possibility to limit rights to do things trough the web UI.

Make file type settings player specific.

Make an offline playlist editor that does not require you to choose any player or play anything, while compiling a playlist.

2008-05-29, 01:49
Some suggestions to consider (please note Duet system)

- when reading RSS news feeds, it would be a "cool"
feature to rotate the display to "landscape" based on
the internal g-sensors.

- ScreenSaver - Screen Dimming, maybe some longer time-outs
could be added to the list, as it is now it "jumps" from
1 minute to "never" (maybe add 10 and 30 minutes)

Keep up the good work

2008-05-31, 10:15
Favorites: add a "play all favorites" option somewhere.

Add a "add to favorites" heart in the right window in Squeezecenter (playlist).

Enable the favorites list to list both Artist and Title of each entry. Everyone I've showed it to agrees with me that is not very useful the way it is now.
1k+ favorites with just the title of the track?
Hand edit everything? No thanks, I'd rather have the computer to do that for me.

I'd love an option to "sync" playlists and/or favorites with a specified folder. That way my favorite tracks could be copied to a alternate folder for easy syncing with iPods et al.

2008-05-31, 22:50
> 1k+ favorites with just the title of the track?

Favorites are not playlists (But you can make a playlist a favorite ;-)). I think the initial design of the favorites did make this a bit clearer: you were able to assign one item to every one of the 0-9 buttons on the remote. 10 items. No more. Now you can have more of them, but I don't see any reason why anyone would want more than a few dozens.



2008-06-01, 04:03
Thanks for explaining this to me Michael. Obviously I don't use the favorites like intended :)

I have 41k+ songs, adding tracks to favorites makes it easier to find them later, when making playlists.
Artist info missing from the favorites is really my only complaint with the SB, other than that it's a fantastic piece of kit.

2008-06-01, 09:02
Here is what I would like to see (on the SBC):

1. Full screen album art in "Now Playing". The screen is small enough. I do not need art shrunk down with my wallpaper showing though.

2. No album art in playlist view. Isn't this what the "Now Playing" screen is for? Art takes up too much room in playlist view. I would much rather see just track titles (and maybe artist in a sub-line) with track numbers.