View Full Version : Any way to speed up track display in AAC streams?

2008-05-27, 21:53
From what I've read in older threads on this subject, the lower the AAC bit rate, the longer it will take for the SqueezeBox to begin displaying the artist/title of the next track in an AAC stream (radio station). I listen to a lot of AAC streams that are broadcast in 24 kbps. This causes the track information to be severely delayed. Basically it does not work.

Is there a workaround to this?

2008-05-28, 00:25
There is a patch to main SC code which would help but I believe you are using Windows/Vista and it is not possible to patch main SC code on Windows.

It is unfortunate as with 24kbits/sec streams the delay would be very bad probably near 10mins - what is happening is SC calculates delay based on the SB buffer fullness at 24kbits/sec - in reality it has been transcoded to Flac which is about 500kbits/sec so the delay calculation is wrong by a facor of 20.

A while back I looked at this issue but couldn't see an easy solution as I am adding AACplus in a unsupported manner. There gave been some SC code changes since which may have changed things but I won't be able to do anything with it in the near future.