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2008-05-27, 10:14
Hi Guys

Just set up and am fairly happy with a Squeezebox Controller. Got everything as it should be - just have a couple of queries that I can't seem to find answered elsewhere.

I have A LOT of music on my HD - and I have to say that I am disappointed that the Controller does not make finding stuff much easier than the old screen on my Squeezebox!! It has more lines to view but try to scroll from the numbers through the letters A B C D E F G H I etc to find the artist or album you'd like....a nightmare for setting up a varied playlist. Is there a way to jump to the start of letters like the old IR Remote Control?? Madness not to include this ability if it doesn't. A lack of documentaion on operating the Controller didn't help.

Also - I spent the weekend fixing up the SB's ability to play Real Audio files - and now I'm wondering what I have to do to let the SB power up without the PC and let me play alienBBC for example without turning on my PC?? Can I not do that?? The Controller and the SB should be able to connect via my router which is on. What way can I set up the system to allow this??



2008-05-27, 11:35
Since presumably alienbbc is installed on your pc it is not going to work if your pc is not on. Or did i misunderstand? What stations do you need? They could be available through radiotime on squeezenetwork.