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2004-03-05, 12:03

The CPU is pegged at 100% when it is in these long pauses. Otherwise the
CPU utilization is low (< 20%). Is bringing up the top-level menu supposed
to be that much work? Strikes me as very odd that I can browse through a
list of 3,000 songs with instant response, but going to a menu of a dozen
fixed choices takes ten seconds of solid computation.

By the way, when in my original email where I said "some times" I meant
"some sample timings". The delay occurs every time I do those operations,
and takes exactly the same amount of time.

- Paul
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The system is normally very responsive. I'll check what Windows reports

The machine had only 64meg, and I wondered if memory was the problem, so I
added another 128 Meg of RAM a couple of weeks ago. There was no

I don't have either iTunes nor MoodLogic.

- Paul
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Subject: [slim] Very slow response on Squeezebox

Hi Paul,

What's the CPU and memory load on your machine? Is the computer
otherwise responsive?

Also, are you using iTunes or MoodLogic with your SlimServer?