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2008-05-26, 08:15

I have recently upgraded to Squeezecenter 7.0 and since then 7.01. My problem began with Tune-in URL - I usually paste a football game's live coverage on BBC into this for steaming comms. Since upgrading I only get an RTSP Convert error - check file types.

I then loaded AlienBBC and tried to get the same stream through it - same error.

I began to realise as I played around that the BBC streams that are in Real Audio are giving me this problem and the ones in .WMA are not.

I also noticed that in Settings/Advanced/File Types which is the only mention of RTSP I can find - the check boxes beside RTSP are all disabled and I can't enable them.

Does anyone know how I can get my Real Audio streaming back???



2008-05-26, 08:24
You will need AlienBBC and mplayer to play real streams - even from the tune in box. Have you fully installed Alien including mplayer? It sounds like mplayer is not found by the server and hence those settings are disabled.

2008-05-26, 09:22

I wasn't even aware of any mplayer - I had used AlienBBC before with slimserver. When I upgraded to Squeezecenter I just downlaoded the new AlienBBC and unzipped it into the plugins folder as directed. Is there something else I should do or should I try to download AlienBBC again?? How do i know if i have the mplayer loaded and working??

Thanks again

2008-05-26, 09:26
What platform are you running on? Windows? If so install from the windows installer rather than the zip file and it should include mplayer.

2008-05-26, 12:48
I've got windows Xp running - I'm not sure exactly what "installing from windows installer" means - i tried to re install the AlienBBC a few different ways - but the same story.

I see that alienBBC says it is only checked to work with SC 7.0 - should I maybe re-install 7.0 rather than 7.1 and try running alienBBC on that?

It's annoying as most of the BBC streams I want to listen to are in Real Media...

2008-05-26, 13:29
The installer is the exe found at this link


2008-05-26, 13:56

Thanks so much - between the 2 of yous and a wee bit of thinking meself - I realised I had downloaded the manual install for the alienBBC - dumbo - working brilliantly now and once again my squeezebox and now my new controller are working like a dream...

Cheers again for the quick and helpful responses...