View Full Version : Is streaming of raw pcm to mplayer possible?

Johan Camps
2004-03-04, 13:45

You were right, the suggestion doesn't work.
I can't seem to find a way to browse the buglist (and I'm certainly not a
developer) so I can't read the description of the fix/feature.

I would be more than happy to do some end-user-testing, please let me know!

The major advantage in this WAV streaming idea lies in the simple problem
that I currently can't 'tag' the multichannel wav files. But I CAN do this
with FLAC files. Since FLAC to WAV decoding is fairly simple CPU task I
could use FLAC for tagging. And creating MP3's on the fly from stereo .WAV
files is something my K6II-400 can't handle.

Streaming raw PCM might even trigger me rescanning my CD library again and
archive them in FLAC instead of the current MP3 format...oh well...;-)


>I suspect this won't work as there are a lot of bits of code that do "if
>squeezebox then we may be dealing with wav else deal mp3" type things. I'd
>like to be proven wrong but it's not a simple problem - see my other post.
>Bug 131 has a patch against it that is the start of an attempt to clean all
>this up.