View Full Version : Duet/SB3 Networking Router??

2008-05-25, 17:48
I'm not the best when it comes to computers, hoping the community can help me out. I've searched the forums and it looks what I want to do is possible, just looking for clarification since I'm not down with the lingo.

I was hoping to purchase a Duet for the remote and base unit for the living room and the SB3 which will be modified for critical listening in my 2 channel room, but don't want to purchase a new laptop.

I'm hoping it is possible to connect the external drive to my router via USB 2.0 and then have slimserver running on the laptop that points the to the router. I'm hoping this is possible since my wife would probably want to use the laptop in the bedroom while I listen in the basement. Is this possible with both PC and mac? The laptop will always be on while listening, its just that I'm hoping slimserver can locate the music files without having the external hooked direclty to the laptop.


2008-05-25, 19:42
If the laptop can access the drive without any difficulty then any application running on it (i.e. SqueezeCenter) should be able to use it just fine.

Why not download and install Squeezecenter and find out?