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2008-05-25, 16:54
Hi Folks,

I thought I would share a very important lesson with you. I upgraded to SC 7.0.1 and lost my link between the SB and computer, I guess we could call it the server. I connect the SB to my computer via a Netgear router using ethernet. It is a wireless router, but I wanted the more dependable hard wire for streaming full resolution audio. Anyway, I was having serious issues. I could get my SB to connect to the internet no problem, in other words SqueezeNetwork was working fine, but I was unable to ping from my mac to the DHCP assigned IP address of the SB. Hmm. It was working fine before.

I started reading online in the forums about people having trouble with 7.0.1, especially with mac OSX. So, I decided to downgrade the SC version to 6.5.4. Nothing. Then I tried 7.0. Nothing. I rebooted the computer/server, factory reset both the remote and the SB several times. Nothing. Sometimes the remote could find the SB, sometimes not. Very inconsistent issues. Everything was moving very slowly. I could no longer access the web SqueezeCenter interface. Very depressing.

Finally, after hours of waiting and starting and rebooting and installing different version over one another, the SqueezeCenter server software would no longer stay running. It would start up for a few seconds and then turn off by itself. Not good.

Here was the solution. I did a search on my mac for squeezecenter. It came up with 3 different folders with this title. I deleted them all and manually removed the Squeezecenter icon from the control panel. I then rebooted the computer and installed 7.0.2, which I found here: http://www.slimdevices.com/downloads/nightly/

Don't loose that URL! The software team uploads the latest and greatest fixes nightly apparently.

I did a factory reset of both the SB, remote and powered off and on my router. Wallah, it was as if I had installed the SB for the first time. Perfect. Everything is working snappy now. Apparently the files in those folders preserve settings, but they must also preserve some settings you don't want too. The installer should wipe everything out when you upgrade. Just a thought.

I should add that I found the instructions to manually update the remote firmware via SD card. I pulled that off and it was exciting. I forgot where I found that information, but here you go:

Squeezebox Remote Update via SD card

Update Controller Firmware to r2409
This looks like possibly a Squeezebox Controller compatibility issue with your wireless router. The latest version of firmware, r2409, may fix this problem.

To install this version of firmware, you'll need to copy it onto an SD card an insert it into your Controller. Here's how you do this:

1. Download firmware from "http://www.slimdevices.com/downloads/nightly/latest/trunk/jive 7.0.1 r2409.bin".
2. Copy the file to an SD card and rename it to "jive.bin".
3. Remove the battery cover from the Controller rear and remove the battery.
4. Insert the SD card into the slot at the top of the battery compartment, with the SD card contacts down and into the slot.
5. Put the battery back in. Be sure to push the SD card in all the way to allow the battery to drop fully into the compartment.
6. Put the battery cover back on.
7. Hold down the "+" key while the Controller is rebooting. This will perform a factory reset and stop it from asking for a firmware upgrade. If didn't hold it down in time, pop the battery out and try again.
8. Release the "+" key after the Logitech logo disappears.
9. Hold down the left arrow key until you get to the Home screen.
10. Go to Settings->Advanced->Software Update and choose "Update from SD card".
11. Controller will update and then reboot.

To reproduce your issue, you'll have to put the Controller down on a table and pick it up after it's gone to sleep.

If r2409 doesn't work, then we'll need more information to investigate further.


Thanks to Mickey for that! You can find the latest Jive .bins here: http://www.slimdevices.com/downloads/nightly/latest/trunk/

That was a bit long winded. I hope it helps someone out there going through some of the issues I was having.

Cheers and happy squeezing,


2008-05-27, 06:19
Hello all,

I'm having issues again. Worked fine for a day. Now that the computer has been off over night, the SB off. I tried to fire it up this morning and nothing. Can't find SB. Can't ping it on it's new IP address. So, I soft reset the SB and then I could ping it, but remote doesn't see it. I factory reset remote. Still can't see SB. Now I'll go through the whole ordeal again of factory resetting the SB.

Today I'll call tech support first. Since I spent over six hours this weekend wasting time with it instead of listening to music. Ug. I'd setup static IP addressed if I thought it would do any good.

I'll post when I find the issue.