View Full Version : Rhapsody Is unreliable

2008-05-25, 10:12
Rhapsody is the number one reason I purchased the duet. It worked great listening to channels and playlists - so I finally purchased another receiver- and now it just plainly doesn't work well.

I have two receivers and I try to sync them, and when I do that, It will play one rhapsody song and then just stop playing altogether, but it will not load the next song. If I wait for a while, nothing will happen. But if I click the next button on the controller, it will start playing a new song.

Now I thought it might be an issue with wireless- since one of the two receivers only got 50% signal. So I moved my wireless router, and WIRED one of the receivers, and the second one gets 89% signal now. Same response.

I don't think it's my internet speed, since I have 3 mbps download. I'm not trying to play seperate streams- just trying to sync ONE stream, so it shouldn't use more bandwidth than the original.

That being said, playing mixes from my local library is perfect, works like a charm, no issues with syncing. Starts almost immediately, very little gap.

What's wrong??

2008-05-25, 11:01
OK, weird.. I can't get rhapsody to work on 1 of my two receivers right now. Maybe it's because squeeze center is down? I'm not sure. I haven't found a place to put in my rhapsody login in squeezecenter, so this may be the case? This is getting very frustrating. I haven't gotten my setup to work the way I want it yet, and I'm starting to waste more time than I should be...