View Full Version : Newbie help: Sky router & Qnap connection problems

2008-05-25, 10:01
I purchased a Qnap with Slimerver installed on the basis that someone would set it up for me through a wired connection. Well he tried and couldn't do it so I am totally stuck. I'm using the Netgear DG834GT. As far as I can see he has added firewall rules:

1 qnap http ALLOW always Any Always
2 qnap telnet ALLOW always Any Always

and services:

1 qnap telnet (TCP/UDP) 13131
2 qnap http (TCP/UDP) 9000

He has also turned on UPnP.

When he goes to it will not connect. It does connect to however.

I would be so grateful if someone could bear with me (due to lack of knowledge) and help me through this. I have searched about on the net but can't find anything.

2008-05-25, 10:05
I'm sorry but I have posted this in the wrong forum and can't manually archive the thread. Mods can you please help. Thanks.