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2008-05-25, 06:50
Since updating to 7.0.1, it seems that I can't access SqueezeNetwork (internet radio) without having my computer on. Which kind of defeats one of the advertised purposes of the Duet package. And if I try to access SN without the computer, everything (and I mean everything) comes crashing down.

My network is a hybrid network, the PC and the SB are both connected to a router through ethernet, which is connected to my external broadband service. The router is a new N router from D-Link, and seems to be working fine. I only use the wireless for the controller, and for the occasional laptop use in the house.

If the computer is on, I can access the full range of online radio.

However, if the computer is off, and I start the SB, the display asks which network I want to use, and shows SqueezeNetwork as the only one available. I try to access that, it spins for a while and then says it can't do it, the wireless network is unavailable. Wireless network - but I'm using ethernet.

At that point everything goes squirrelly. I've re-started the PC and SC is running, and now the controller is not even giving me a player to choose, much less access to anything at all. Although it is not right now in view, I'm sure the light on the SB is blue, and it is in a never-ending attempt to find a network that is readily availble through ethernet. I will no doubt have to do a reset.

Have I found some sort of peculiar bug? Or is there something actually logical about this?

I should say that the problem is now replicating what I found yesterday, which resulted in my blaming the router and buying a new one.


2008-05-25, 10:02
You should probably call Logitech support.