View Full Version : Wireless or ethernet -- how to tell?

2008-05-25, 06:41
I have had a recent series of problems, documented elsewhere. As part of my repeated attempt to solve the problems, there were several resets and restarts involved. My SB was unable to find the perfectly good ethernet connection, and after much delay would prompt for a try-again. If I did that, it would sometimes connect, but I do believe that it was connecting through wireless (I never asked it to do that), but when it failed again it would sometimes say "can't find wireless network".

So, if a connection is happening, and I have access to my music library etc., how can I easily tell if I'm wired or wireless? Can't find anything that actually tells me that.


2008-05-25, 08:23
Easiest way is to have a look at the Status page in Squeezecenter's settings.
If you see something like "wireless signal strength" below your SB MAC address, it means it connects wirelessly.
If not, then it's wired.