View Full Version : Feature request: ipod playing behaviour

2008-05-25, 05:30
On my ipod I usually start playing a (yes usually the first, but not always) song in an album, and then it automatically plays the rest of the songs in the album. Nice, I get to start with the song I wanted, but also get more music afterwards :)

So now when I play song #3 on the duet it stops afterwards (or repeat that one), If want to mimic the ipod behaviour I have to choose "play all" first and then go to song #3, then it will play the next songs afterwards. A couple of extra steps - for the method i'm using all the time. My Duet has replaced my ipod as music source.

Anybody else missing this or am I describing this in a bad way? :)

Don't know what option would be though;

- Automatically add all songs to playlist
- Repeat album

quirky suggestions :)

2008-05-25, 06:40
Use iPeng ;-)
Oh, you've got a SBC, then vote for this bug: