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2008-05-25, 04:11
Hi all,

Ref. http://wiki.slimdevices.com/index.php/OPMLSupport, it is possible to use genre and source elements in the opml favorites. This works absolutely fine when type="audio" but not when type="playlist".

Is there a technical reason for this, or can this be fixed to also work with type="playlist" in an upcoming version of SqueezeCenter?

(e.g. I have "BBC Radio 1" as a favorite. Due to the nature of the Alien BBC plugin, this favorite has to be of type="playlist", but it would be nice to also have genre="The best new music" for instance, which is the profile of the channel)


2008-05-25, 05:31
You can save the RTSP URL as audio.


2008-05-25, 07:56
Thanks, great!

PS. The genre element is, as I found out, only shown on the SB display when browsing.. It is not shown at right+down in 'Now playing' (screensaver) mode.