View Full Version : can't connect squeezenetwork with duet

2008-05-25, 02:00
Since yesterday mai 24th I can't get connection with the squeeze network.
I have tried everthing, also deleting my devices on squeezenetwork.
Can somebody help me,
where can I find my pin to add my duet to squeezenetwork.


2008-05-25, 02:35
I got a duet on Friday and had the same problems, After reading other posts it seems that there is a problem with initially getting connected. I spent about 6hours entering and re entering info required then it worked. I would suggest doing a manual reset of your handset then having another go. I downloaded the duet user instructions and followed them through. I now have the next stage in the problem that is if I connect through Squeezenetwork i only get 1 hardcore techno station playing the same song over and over again. When I connect through my laptop though it is amazing. Keep trying and you will get there and hopefully one of the experts will help you more in a later post. Relax, walk away have a drink then start again !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2008-05-25, 09:36
Many folks cannot connect right now.. Please check out this thread


2008-05-25, 12:10
fixed!! everyone try now.. Andyg at Slimdevices fixed it!!