View Full Version : Optimal album art dimensions for Controller?

2008-05-25, 00:13
Is there an optimal album-art size to maximise image quality on the Controller? Reason I'm asking is I've in recent times added a lot of 500x500 album covers and find that they look worse on the Controller than 200x200 images tend to. Is the scaling algorithm customizable/ tweakable?

2008-05-25, 04:38
I believe all the images are pre-scaled on the server and the correct sized thumb is sent to the controller when requested.

There may well be ways to tweak to the server code for this though.

2008-05-25, 10:57
It looks like the heavy lifting is done by GD. You may want to check in the server settings under "Advanced", "Performance" to make sure you're using the "Resample Artwork" (slower)

It may also be that even the GD "Resample" method is not very good. It may be time to swap out the GD library with something better like netpbm or imagemagik