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2008-05-24, 22:00
I just bought a Squeezebox Duet and I'm having problems with my library.
The albums which has "Various artists" as artist do not show up as albums under Home > Artists > Various Artists.
I only get those albums, that contain songs with "various artists" as song artist, but still has an overall Album artist.
However, the individual songs from the Various Artists albums are present under the 'All Songs" folder in Home > Artists > Various Artists. They are just not shown as individual albums.
Under Home > Albums they are all shown.

The problem is, most of them are children CDs and have been given that Genre as a tag; however, when Genre > Children is picked, an album folder named Various Artist correctly shows up - but it is empty. When the "All Albums" folder is chosen, all the albums are there as they should - just not in the "Various Artists" folder

Any ideas? In Zune media player, they are showing up correctly. Mp3tag shows that the tags should be in order as well.

Help needed,

2008-05-24, 23:01
One way to fix it I think is to give all those albums a compilation tag in mp3tag. Once you have mp3tag so it sees that tag just have it add a 1 in the tag for all your albums you want. Then in the setting in Squeezecenter under library have it group compilation albums together. Under that is a place to pick a folder for those albums but if you leave it blank it will put them in the Various Artists folder.

2008-05-29, 08:24
In what field should I add a 1?
This seems like a SC bug - my library in Zune mediaplayer have no problems with various artist...
Does SC catagorize differently?