View Full Version : Sirius Audio Quality

2008-05-24, 16:26
I've been listening to Sirius on a trial basis and have to say I'm not
impressed with the audio quality.It sure doesn't sound like a 128kbps bit rate.

I do have a Rhapsody sub and switched over to listen to some of their channels
and the sound quality seemed much much better.

Is anyone else out there hearing the difference?Is the trial version of Sirius not
at the 128kbps level?I listen to alot of Shoutcast 128kbps radio streams and they all sound
better than Sirius.

Any thoughts?

2008-05-24, 16:49
Is the trial version of Sirius not at the 128kbps level?

I haven't listened to it, but I think that's probably it. From the Sirius sign up page, it gives the impression that the trial may be only 32 kbps.


2008-05-24, 16:57
Thanks for your reply.The Sirius website does say the trial version is not cd quality.

That's a shame because I'd like to make an informed decision before I pay out another monthly fee.

I think Sirius would sell alot more subs if they made there trial cd quality.I would suspect
alot of folks listening to the trial may think that's the audio quality they are going to get.