View Full Version : squeezebox clipping first second of tracks

2004-03-04, 08:50
Hey all,

I have a new problem that's started after upgrading to SlimServer 5.1.
It seems as though my Squeezebox likes to cut off the first fraction of
a second of music from most of my tracks. The problem isn't consistent,
but it happens enough that I'm annoyed to figure out what's wrong. If I
play an entire album it's a safe bet it'll happen on half the songs, if
not more. The mp3 files are fine when played through a different
interface such as winamp, and I don't have this problem when using
Slimp3Slave 0.3 on my pc where SlimServer is running. I'm assuming
there's some kind of buffer problem here where the player isn't getting
enough information before the track change, but I'm not sure how to
debug. The problem can happen if I manually switch the tracks with the
remote or if I let the current song play out from the server and go onto
the next track. I'm running SlimServer on XP. Anyone have some
thoughts? Thanks