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2008-05-24, 06:05
After some time using successfully, I've just found that the SB appears to have stopped working. It was working fine last night. After an overnight rest, it is not working. Setup is hybrid ethernet/wireless, both through the same router.

SB is on, light is low white. Ethernet connection seems active, green lights at both ends (SB and router). Network otherwise is working, can access external resources (e.g. this forum) from the computer, which is ethernet-connected to the same router, which is connected to an external WAN.

When I turned on the controller, it did not detect the SB. I thought maybe wireless problems so opened up Squeezecenter on the computer, settings/players, no player detected, so the problem is not wireless.

SB has been disconnected from the power source and reconnected twice, both times returning to the "low white" condition quickly.

I'd have called tech support, except that the hours (not open till 9 Pacific time) are not friendly for the east, and I will not be able to contact when they are open (after noon my time). Frustrating.



2008-05-24, 06:10
I usually try pressing and holding the button on the front until it flashes red when my Controller can't find the Receiver.

2008-05-24, 08:03
I did the reset (push the front button until flashing red) like Skunk suggested, and the SB cycled through setup. Asked me to specify wireless or ethernet, and when I chose ethernet couldn't find the network, oddly.

Then after a while it appeared that it did (although I suppose there is a possibility it is connected wirelessly, how do you tell?).

Now working.

So, what is it that likely happened? It's a total mystery to me.


2008-05-25, 06:37
My optimistic previous message was premature. After working for a while, I again lost the ability to access anything. I got to thinking that it was maybe the router, and since I'd been thinking of upgrading to N decided to take advantage of a sale at a local store and got a new router.

As part of the setup, I did a factory reset (which I should have done before), and after all that things were back to normal.

Since I never lost access to the web through the router, I don't actually think that it was the problem.

I will be starting two new threads to address some issues that arose.


2008-05-25, 10:00

Symptoms sounds very much like the ones I have experienced, described in the thread: