View Full Version : UTF-8 from FLAC comments not displayed correctly in thebrowser andsqueezebox

Dolf Dijkstra
2004-03-04, 07:03

As many on this list: I love my squeezebox!

I am in the middle of ripping my CD collection and encoding them to

Not sure if the following question has been raised before. I could not
find clear references to it.

One thing I noticed is that accentuated characters from flac comments
(like album title) were not correctly displayed in the browser.

The charset that IE defaults to is Latin-1, because SlimServer is not
hinting the browser to use an other charset. Changing the encoding to
UTF-8 in the browser correctly displayed all characters.

Looked at the flac specs, and comments are in UTF-8. My assumption was
that only adding the correct charset to the Content-Type would do the

Had a look at the http-header that comes from slimserver, and it does
not include charset in the Content-Type. Next I added ;charset=UTF-8 to
the content-type of html in types.conf.
(htm htm,html text/html;charset=UTF-8 -)
Restarted slim, browsed it and all characters are displayed correctly on
the pages in the web root.

However: pages under /html (for instance html/docs/quickstart.html) are
broken. The 'server side include' directives are not processed.

Any clue why and how to work around this?