View Full Version : Wireless modem/router - any particular model?

2008-05-23, 16:45
Thinking of buying a duet - have zyxel 660HW adsl modem/wireless router, but have problems with philips wireless devices -wondering befor eI take th eplunge if there are known problems with this router - and if there is a list of compatible routers?

2008-05-23, 22:14
This may help: http://forums.slimdevices.com/showthread.php?t=47979

I have a Zyxel P-334WT that works great, as long as I don't have WPA enabled. I believe there are known issues with other models as well.

IMO the router can make-or-break the whole Duet experience, so getting one that's known to be reliable will be money well spent.