View Full Version : SoftSqueeze reliabilty problems - any alternatives?

2008-05-23, 15:03
Hey all. Before getting into my problem I should say that I'm very happy with SqueezeCenter and look forward to adding a SqueezeBox Duet to my setup in the near future.

My problem is that I use my MacBook Pro in my home office connected to speakers while working and don't have a reliable way of using SqueezeCenter to enjoy my music.

1) SoftSqueeze is simply unreliable. I am running the latest build I can find (3.6) and have tried both jlayer and the MP3 plugin. The problem is mainly connectivity and reliability. SoftSqueeze works fine for varying degrees of time then inexplicably something causes the connection between SoftSqueeze and SqueezeCenter to sever and my only recourse is to quit and restart SoftSqueeze. I don't know what to blame it on but it would be great if whomever maintains SoftSqueeze would focus on reliability and connectivity in the next version. It would be great if SoftSqueeze could automatically recover from connectivity blips as well as when PC wakes from sleep w/o requiring an app restart.

2) Streaming is a sub-optimal solution. I have switched to streaming from SqueezeCenter to itunes on my MBP. This works great but I hate the lag inherent in buffering. When my phone rings I want to pause SqueezeCenter and have the music immediately stop. Or change tracks and hear it immediately, etc etc. On top of that, I have ripped all of my CDs as FLAC files and it sucks to have to have them streamed to my client as MP3s. Kind of defeats the purpose.

So I have two questions:
1) Are the any good solutions or alternatives to the above? I'd like a reliable client app that can play files in native (FLAC) format from SqueezeCenter.

2) It would be great if SlimDevices developed a reliable high quality app (or plugin for itunes, WMP, whatever) that was multi-platform and gave a great SqueezeBox-like experience to PC clients. If it worked well I'd even pay for it. Not everything has to be open source...

That's my .02.



2008-06-30, 05:28
Same for me here. I can understand that the incentive from Logitech to build such an app is quite low but I would be willing to pay for a good software squeezebox implementation. Softsqueeze is still too unreliable on the connectivity part.


2008-06-30, 06:16
The community is working on SqueezePlay.