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2008-05-23, 13:13
OK, so I got my Duet set up (finally! the PIN is rather confusing) and I have music in library that I can browse from the remote and play.

Only I get no sound.



I've tried the analogue and digital connections from the "receiver" and with no joy. Everything else OK and tested, amp, connections, everything.

It appears to be playing, but I get no sound at all.

I've checked all the settings in the SqueezeCenter and it all seems OK from what I can see.

I'm really fed up so far - I was so excited to get my new Duet home today and so far I've spent about 4 hours trying to get it to work. Now, I'm a developer by trade, I'm not often stumped by things, but the "out of the box" experience so far as been utterly horrible.

I thought the type of device was now quite mature and ready for "consumers" rather than "hobby-ists" but I was wrong....

Please help, or it's going straight back to Amazon next week....

2008-05-23, 13:25
You didn't mention trying the volume up button. Can you confirm it's not 'muted' (lowest volume setting)?

2008-05-23, 13:26
Please help, or it's going straight back to Amazon next week....

Nice , suggest that you contact support.
this is a user forum not an official supportline, just other user's that may or may not want help you.

2008-05-23, 13:30
Thanks for the replies chaps...

It all seems to be playing and yes, the volume's on full.

I've just noticed though, the songs seem to be looping every few seconds. I pick a song to play and it appears to start (even though I hear nothing) and then after a few seconds, it seems to start from the beginning again - happens with seemingly any song.

Ring any bells?

2008-05-23, 13:41
Firewall ? TCP/UDP port 9000 and 3483

2008-05-23, 13:41
You could try resetting the receiver by pressing and holding the button on the front, and updating the firmware on the controller if you haven't yet.

Contacting support was probably the best suggestion though...

2008-05-23, 13:44
what's your network strength according to SqueezeCenter ?

what kind of files ? what settings under file types.

OS, SC version etc.

2008-05-23, 13:47
Whats the color of the led in front of the reciever

2008-05-24, 04:16
This is so odd...

I gave up last night, resorting to wine and a film instead of swearing at the SqueezeBox any longer ;)

Got up this morning, powered everything up to have another go and would you believe it, it works.

So on one hand I'm happy (that's it working) but a little miffed that I "wasted" most of an evening trying to get it to work.

And being the analytical type, I don't like that it just started working - everything being the same as it was last night. I'd like to know WHY it wasn't, and now is working.

Having said that, I'll just leave it and enjoy some music and a nice hot cup of tea....