View Full Version : Duet and SB3 Sync on 7.0.1 Mac

2008-05-23, 10:36
I am sure this has been covered before but i could not find anything Leopard specific.
I moved from a window xp pc to a Leopard mac mini recently and also at the same time went to 7.0.1 from 7. What my major concern is right now is sync. Both players have a high wireless connection. Lame is limiting to 256. What happens is one player starts, then stops, the other starts, then the the other. Eventually in gets into line for a few songs then just stops

I am using a DLink DIR655 wireless router but i never had a big issue like this before so i dont think it is that.
Any thoughts?

2008-05-23, 11:16
Wanted to add to his that when i stream pandora i dont get an issue. I just turned off "turn off hard disk where possible" on the mac. Do you think that could have something to do with it?