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2008-05-22, 16:19
I have just purchased an Airport Extreme and Squeezebox Duet and set both up.

Squeezebox is seeing about 10 cd's of the approximately 170gb's of music I have stored on my external hard drive connected to the Extreme.

Someone please help!

Eric Seaberg
2008-05-22, 19:32
How is your music ripped? What format? More info so we can help...

2008-05-22, 21:04
Most of it is ripped in Apple Lossless...

2008-05-22, 22:23
Most of it is ripped in Apple Lossless...

What did you use to rip/encode, and how long ago? If you're on OS X, there was a known issue w/ SB being able to "see" ALAC files ripped/encode using an earlier version of Max... If you're on OS X & used Max, you might have to re-rip... Google for the issue if it applies to you. I know the developer of Max addressed this in his user forum some time ago. If none of this applies to you, sorry I wasted your time!! :)

2008-05-23, 03:34
I ripped all of it in Itunes, I am not sure what "max" is?

2008-05-23, 04:21
Since you used iTunes to RIP - what has happened to me, if my Wife rips a CD using her account, then it won't show up in the Squeeze dB until it is imported into my iTunes. This updates the iTunes XML library file, which squeeze uses.

Or you can just uncheck "use iTunes"???

Just a WAG!

2008-05-23, 05:40
I just have one account on my Imac...

I do have all of my music and itunes on an external hard drive plugged into
the Extreme via an ethernet cable, could this be causing a problem?

I have no issues playing music from this hard drive on my computer, it just isn't being seen
by the Duet.

Also, I am not sure what you mean by unchecking "use itunes"?

2008-05-23, 05:56
I do have all of my music and itunes on an external hard drive plugged into
the Extreme via an ethernet cable, could this be causing a problem?

Some people have reported problems with the Airport Extreme/Duet, but if you can see and play some songs, it shouldn't be your issue.

I would guess that the problem may well be with the .xml file you are using in Squeezecenter. Are you absolutely sure it's the right one (sorry if this is grandmother sucking eggs, but it has caught people out before). Do a search for all .xml files on your hard drive and external network drive. Then open up Itunes, make a change, close down Itunes - which .xml file has changed? That's the one you need to use in Squeezecenter.

Using an external drive does sometimes affect Itunes playlists, but I've never heard of it preventing SC from syncing actual tracks. If you look at the scanner log, or switch on Itunes logging and do a full rescan, are there any relevant error messages (Go to Settings, Advanced, Logging and look at the link to the server and scanner logs, then do a full clear and rescan).

2008-05-23, 06:53
The SB is not showing iTunes in the music library at all, but it shows up in the music folder.
When I say it I mean one song and several more cd's show up under a "previous iTunes libraries" heading in the music folder.
Right now I have my computer selected as my music source, instead of squeezenetwork(which iTunes isn't showing up in either).

2008-05-23, 07:36
Ok, this sounds like a more fundamental issue with your itunes setup. What should happen is that Squeezecenter uses information from itunes to populate your music library on the Duet. It doesn't show up as a separate Itunes option. If you don't see the songs in your library at all, itunes may have been set up incorrectly when you installed Squeezecenter, so you need to check those settings.

Go to Settings/Itunes in Squeezecenter. What are the settings for the following:

Use iTunes - is it checked?

iTunes Reload - is there a value?

Unchecked Songs in iTunes - does it say include all songs or don't include unchecked songs?

iTunes Music Library.xml Location - this is an important one - what does it say? Is it blank? If so, is Itunes installed on the same computer as Squeezecenter?

iTunes Music Folder - again, what does it say? this Is it blank? If so, is Itunes installed on the same computer as Squeezecenter?

What is the setting that you have given for your general Music Library under Server Settings/Basic Settings? Is it a folder on the external disc?

2008-05-23, 08:57
Yep, I went back into SqueezeCenter and redirected the whole shebang to my external hard drive
instead of the Imac's hard drive and everything seems to be working. Thanks for the heads up on that!

Not everything transferred, about 2000 of the 7500 songs I have in iTunes didn't show up. I appear to have, accidentally, ripped some of them as AAC. Some of the songs that were ripped as AAC did show up so I am not sure if that is the factor that is causing them to not be seen. I may have to rerip them or convert them to Apple Lossless.

Eric Seaberg
2008-05-23, 22:20
I use iTunes to rip all of my music Apple Lossless and haven't had any problems with SlimServer seeing it. Even stuff that's AAC (as long as I've ripped it myself, i.e. no DRM) doesn't have any problems.

Also, I use a shareware app called MultiTunes which allows me to have multiple iTunes libraries spread over multiple drives. This allows me to have one library LOSSLESS for SlimServer and another library as AAC/MP3 for my iPods. I don't actually re-copy everything as AAC/MP3 but simply transcode within iTunes to the other format.

Works great for me!!

2008-05-24, 13:11
I just rescanned and, for some reason, Squeezecenter picked up all of the tracks that it hadn't the first time around. With the exception, of course, of the protected iTunes tracks.

It was a little frustrating to get it set up but I have to say, I am really enjoying using the Duet.

2008-05-26, 11:44
Problem is Squeezecentre seeing my iTunes library but guess better tell you what I have: -

Duet (received Sat 24th May), all this is working OK
NAS – HP EX475 installed with SC7.0.1
PC installed with iTunes 7

HP NAS copied all of my iTunes songs from PC to NAS, automatically, created a itunes XML library based on the NAS and all looking good but not for long!

Initially pointed my SC at the Music directory on the NAS (iTunes NOT switched on) and it built database within a few minutes. Firstly found out about file formats and that I needed a decoder for my M4A files, that took me a few hours to sort out after reading forums got it sorted. (Symptom is song tries to start, loops to start of track again and again until you stop it) placing lame.exe in the mplayer directory and installing Quicktime LITE sorted all this out. Unfortunately this was not the end of my problems…

Now found the iTunes tab in SC7 and as worked out I was missing some albums this is what I needed to do, however only way I could it to work on the NAS was by installing iTunes itself. This took the best part of a day after clearing out original directory and paths, only leaving iTunes info but to no avail so ended up concluding …

I don’t need ITunes even though I use an Ipod, I have various bit rates for tracks recorded over time and decided to re-rip into FLAC and use MediaMonkey which can also sync my Ipod and convert FLAC for the iPod on the fly when needed. I think this is the best option for my setup but quickly coming around to the fact I would be better off with a MAC!

Anyhows as a temporary measure using the NAS install of iTunes with SC7 which allows me listen to my music and to get on behind the scences and re-rip into FLAC with MediaMonkey.

Having read various support posts I hope this is a sensible way forward but if not feel free to let me know as feel like I have had crash course in all things, iTunes, SC7, file formats and NAS so wouldn't be surprised if something I missed!