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2008-05-22, 10:48
I saw an article about Squeezecenter in Maximum PC and decided to give it a shot. I was previously running Andromeda, which is a webserver based music streaming program. It basically runs a java applet on an IIS website on your music server.

This worked ok, but the web interface was a bit kludgy.

The problem using Squeezecenter is that my main use for it is to permit remote streaming of my music to Palm OS devices (Treo 755p and Palm TX) by using a .m3u playlist files saved to the Palm and then opened in Kinoma Media player.

The .m3u files I used with Andromeda listed the full url path for each song. Ie, a song listing would look like:

http://mydomainname.com:666/music\Artist Name\Album\Song Name.mp3

Kinoma Player would access the web and pull each song down from my server.

Can this be done with the Squeezecenter server?

I know I can get a "stream" by using:


But that doesn't work on a Palm with Kinoma since you have to use a webbrowser to select which playlist to stream, and you have to be connected when you do it. Kinoma will disconnect from the stream whenever you try to pull up the browser on the Palm.

Basically I'm hoping there is something I can add after the main domain name and before the relative path information to tell the Squeezecenter server to serve up that song.

Hope I explained this ok. Thanks for any help.

2008-05-22, 12:55
The only way I can think of for you to do this is make a copy of your .m3u files, open them up in a text editor, and then do a search and replace so that the URL portion of the location is replaced with the appropriate local path.

There is an outstanding feature request which proposes to have Squeezecenter make these changes dynamically based upon previously supplied user input.

View and vote here:

2008-05-22, 13:28

I don't mind modifying the current .m3u playlists I have to in order to show the proper path. Notepad++ has a very good find and replace feature.

What I don't know is what the path is. Or if any path will work.

When I ran the Andromeda server I simply made text files with lists of URL addresses for each song. The addresses were simply my server's Dynamic DNS web address with the port number (666 in my case) then /Music\ (which was the Web folder created in IIS) followed by song's folder(s) and file name within the My Music folder.

Running the Squeezecenter server I've tried the Dynamic DNS web address with the port number followed by / then:

(1) Full path - starting with C:\
(2) Path just beginning with the folders below My Music.

I guess I'm not sure if Squeezecenter actually makes the songs directly available to stream when called by a .m3u URL reference. Or, if Squeezecenter has to be in control of what is actually played.

Thoughts anyone.