View Full Version : Duet on qnap ts-109 funny behaviour...

Absolute Beginner
2008-05-21, 13:31
hi all

not sure where to post this query....

I have installed squeezecenter on a qnap ts-109. I tested it with a couple of files and it seemed to work fine.

Now I have transferred a few hundred cd's ripped as flac files onto it - about 150 gb.

They all show up fine under the albums menu but strangely not under artists. I have rescanned using squeezecenter's web interface.

More annoyingly when I select an album and press play nothing happens, on any album.

If I selct the album using the wheel centre button and then choose the play all button again nothing happens on any album.

Only if I select an individual track and press either play or select it with the middle button and then select 2play this track2 does it play.

Clearly not normal behaviour. I have looked throught the various settings on the web interface but I can't find anything to help.

Anyone come across this and have any advice?

Cheers, AB

I have also tried reconnecting the squeezebox to my laptop running squeezecenter and the above problems do not occur at all, which rules out the controller as the problem...

I'll repost this query in the 3rd party hardware forum.