View Full Version : Unable to install SSODS on DS207+

2008-05-21, 09:01
I have just firmware upgraded my Synology DS207+. Yes yes I know, I shouldn´t have....
But now I´m unable to install the SSODS software via the firmware upgrade (webUI) on the DS207+. It says that the firmware cannot be downgraded. It is probably because the firmware on the DS i newer than the SSODS .pat file im implementing.

Can anyone please help me?
I need to install the SSODS so that I can install the SqueezeCenter software - need to use my new Squeezebox Duet box.

2008-05-22, 09:26
I think your best choice is to send a PM to flipflip... being the guy who created SSODS...

I hope I have been helpful!


2008-05-24, 00:55
Hi Slimboy

Offcourse i visited the http://oinkzwurgl.org/ssods, but I cannot seem to find a place to post my request. I fairly certain that I need a patch for SSODS that can be installed on a 591 firmware on the DiskStation (Synology DS207+) The latest SSODS only supports the 590 firmware from Synology. And unfortunately it isn´t possible to install an earlier version of the Synology firmware once you´ve installed the new one(not to my knowledge anyway).