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Neil Davidson
2004-03-04, 11:16
Thanks dean, I stand corrected :)

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Client-side FLAC decoding may be possible in Squeezebox, Sean's
investigating it now.

Client-side decoding of other codecs may also be possible, but would be
farther out in the future.

Additional client-side codec support on SLIMP3 isn't possible. Sorry.


On Mar 3, 2004, at 8:25 AM, Daryle A. Tilroe wrote:

> Neil Davidson wrote:
>> my understanding is that you will never see this, just like you will
>> never
>> see native OGG or ACC decoding in the SB. The chip in the SB is a
>> dedicated
>> MP3 decoder which can also stream WAV and PCM. There is no facility
>> to add
>> different codec support to the Squeezebox.
> Really? Perhaps this is old information for the SLIMP3? Can someone
> from
> slimdevices confirm this? I had information that suggested additional
> codecs
> could be supported within the limitation of processing power and
> licensing.
> Time to pop the lid! :-) I would be somewhat disappointed if native
> is definitely not possible.
>> What is your reason for wanting this? I know it would reduce the
>> bandwidth
>> of a loss less stream, but even with wireless, 170KB/sec isn't a lot.
> It is about a factor of five difference between uncompressed WAV/PCM
> and
> typical MP3 streams. In other words five times the bandwidth and 1/5
> the buffering. 802.11b tends to have a practical max of around 5Mb/s
> and you are pushing things with more than one uncompressed WAV/PCM
> stream
> at 1.5Mb/s and any other traffic. Further, in my limited practical
> experience, things get flaky with WAV/PCM and a signal strength lower
> than
> 40%. Drop outs and play stoppages that require rebooting the
> SqueezeBox.
> I am going to probably have to hardwire the SB to get clean 10Mb/s to
> it and eliminate bandwidth/signal problems from the equation. There
> may also be some problems recovering the streaming from the server when
> things get interrupted or there just may be a few bugs in the FLAC
> decoding and streaming when hopping around to different songs.
> What it boils down to is that, with wireless at least, there is little
> margin for error or signal problems when streaming uncompressed
> If native FLAC is not to be than permanent hardwiring will likely be a
> must.
> --
> Daryle A. Tilroe